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Platform to Learn & Grow Together

This is a platform providing online classes and conducting regular updates.


Successful Learning Journey starts with Consistency

It is preferable to learn less but consistently rather than to spend huge amount of time learning once or twice.

How does this platform help?

As an Individuals

As an Individuals

You learn alone at the comfort of your home by taking classess and solving tasks.

As a Team

As a Team

As a team, everyone in the platform helps one another when one is stuck in theoretical or practical concepts.

As an Organization

As an Organization

We strive to offer friendly environment and updated material.


How will it be achieved?emoji

By consistently going through classes, researching on Internet, understanding concepts, collaborating with the team.

Weekly Classes

Weekend classe will allow the candidates to understand concepts, discuss queries and share views.

Daily Updates

Candidates are required to provide daily updates. This is a proven technique to boost productivity.

Grow Together

Everyone in class provides daily updates. This discussion helps students to overcome difficulties faced in learning process and allows everyone to grow together.

Registrations are Open for Learning JavaScriptemoji

We are starting with first level of JavaScript comprising of 6 weeks of intensive learning!


Technical blog posts we update every other day

We post blogs as per the seires of the on-going lectures for students to revise and formally practice learned concepts.

Clarify Queries?